About Durham Food Hall

Durham Food Hall is a casual, modern space designed for community – a chef-driven culinary and cocktail experience where everyone is welcome.
Our Story

What is Durham Food Hall?

Ten of the area’s most talented chefs all under one roof! Inspired to create food and drink concepts using fresh local ingredients, and an emphasis on sustainable, organic practices.

An incubator for local culinary talent, DFH provides a space for chefs to experiment and collaborate. Small menus focus on high-quality dishes and the freshest ingredients in a casual setting (and a casual price point!).

A centralized bar offers craft cocktails, beer from local brewers, and hand-selected wines . This central bar, The Auctioneer Bar, is surrounded by lots of communal seating that creates a friendly, inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Overlooking The Auctioneer Bar and the main Hall is a 2,300+ sq ft mezzanine, with even more space to host meetings, private parties, and events of all sizes.

Durham Food Hall is open all day for dining, drinks, celebrations, meetings, a quiet place to work or a quick bite on the go.

“Ultimately, my vision was to bring a food hall to Durham that provides high-quality, low-impact food at a great price in an authentic, inclusive environment.”
Adair Mueller

Founder, Durham Food Hall

What We Value


Food production and public spaces can be incredibly wasteful, so we wanted to create a hall anchored by sustainable values. The hall and vendors share an overarching dedication to sustainability, including low energy usage, local sourcing, composting and grease recycling programs.

Responsible Sourcing

Vendors share a commitment to local, responsibly farmed produce and humanely sourced animal products. The hall also supports local artists, artisans, and producers by featuring artwork from North Carolina artists, furnishings and fixtures built with reclaimed materials from Bull City Designs and Splurge, re-purposed furnishings by Nomadic Trading Co., and a retail area with unique gifts from local makers.


The airy, bright space is designed to be a fun and welcoming environment for everyone and groups of all types. Comfortable couches and chairs are perfect for relaxing over coffee or a cocktail, a large communal table is meant for coworking and collaboration. Long tables in the main dining space are great for groups or making new friends, and counter seats around the bar and at each vendor station make the perfect opportunity to become a regular.

By the Numbers

Square feet of space

Mini Eateries

Private Event Spaces


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